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Coming out of the Cave

by Hans Blumenberg

Part 1: The Cave of Life
  1. Memories of the Beginning
  2. The Experience of Crossing
  3. The Birth of Fantasy in the Cave
  4. Gods Born in Caves
  5. Salvation from Certainty
  6. Austreibungen des Lebens aus seinen Erfolgen
  7. The City as Cave
Part 2: The Cave among Nations
  1. Justice and Death
  2. The Paradox of Myth Gainsaying Myth
  3. How Philosophers First Became Unbearable to Nations
  4. The Respective Explications of Two Myths
  5. Teachable, Educable
  6. Phenomenological Reduction of Shadows
  7. The Cosmic Background of Political Qualification
Part 3: Umbesetzungen
  1. Not to Know What a Cave is
  2. Fulfilled Dreams of Caves
  3. Prison of Flesh, Dungeon of Earth
  4. The Cave, Source of the Missing Elements
  5. Worldly Time without a Glance Heavenward
  6. Caves in the Mountains, Caves in the Abyss
  7. Footprints Erased at the Cave's Entrance
  8. Idols
Part 4: Gegenbesetzungen
  1. A Preview of History
  2. Attempting Humanity
  3. Denial of the Cave, from the Spirit of the Stoa
  4. The Prototype of the Educable
  5. After the Statue of the Machine
  6. Enter Finally the Seeker
Part 5: The Cave of Reason
  1. Reflection's Housing
  2. The Automaton's Studio
  3. The Island Cave
  4. Out of the Cave of Dreams, into the Labyrinth
  5. Vision of the Congenitally Blind
  6. The Cave of Explanation
  7. German Caves
Part 6: Built by Foxes
  1. Ascertaining
  2. A Nation without a Way out of the Cave
  3. Kierkegaard's Fox-construction: Eternal Reflection
  4. The Dungeon of Will
  5. The False Underworld
  6. The Mole under the Floor
  7. Adressing Scholars
Part 7: Other (by no means Last) Prisons
  1. As Within, so Without; as Without, so Within
  2. Caves in the Depths of the Soul
  3. Schachtelraumkonstrukt and Panopticon
  4. Reception: Hap and Mishap
  5. Eine wissenschaftskritische Umdeutung
  6. In the Bell Jar
  7. Flight from the Cave and Escape from the Cave
  8. Preliminary Outline of a Final Cave