Ellen Kahaner

I live with Jeremy, Sylvia, age 7, Lola, a 14 year old Shih Tzu and her zealous colleague, Pixie, a one year old Shih Tzu. Our house is a Victorian, on a street with six other Victorians, and a pastiche of styles on the in-between lots that were sold off over the years - arts and crafts, tudor, colonials, and even a couple of ranches. The eclectic mix of houses matches the people that live here - from computer whizzes to a documentary filmmaker, restaurant owner, dancer, lawyer, teachers, school board member, video editor, writers, retirees, goverment employees, stay at home moms..I'm a member of a group of writers called Women Read Aloud, active on the committee to bring the International Baccalaureate program to our school district and the local Families with Children From China.

Here's a link to my blog about reading and traveling with children, two passions that I share with our seven year old daughter. Books, pamphlets, maps, magazines, newspapers, menus. Traveling a half hour to the museum or across the ocean with our backpacks. My work as an elementary school Reading Specialist has naturally evolved into how I travel and read as a parent.

Teddy Bear in a Suitcase

I write about local South Orange news at South Orange Patch.com.