Pageturners, Ink

A program for emergent readers

“Pageturners, Ink is a program I would recommend to any library.”
Christine Policastro
Children’s Librarian, South Orange Library
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The program has been so successful that we intend to keep presenting it at our library for each group of emergent readers as long as Ellen is willing.
Carole Bollini
Youth Services Librarian, Ramsey Public Library
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“We all felt the workshops were so worthwhile, and a perfect adjunct to
an organization like the library. We were especially impressed with how
well your teaching techniques worked with such young children.”

Jane Folger
Children's Librarian, Maplewood Library

“We all loved your classes. Your ability to educate and stimulate their interest was wonderful…”
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What is Pageturners, Ink?

…Parents often ask, “What else can I do?” to encourage the growth of a child who loves to read. PI is a series of Author Study workshops for emergent readers (ages 4-5) and their parents or caregivers that models strategies for developing the habits of lifelong readers. Through an eclectic mix of reading philosophies from whole language to phonics, guided reading to Reading Recovery, on-line archives and author websites, children engage in an in-depth study of an author’s work. Parent/child projects in the workshop reinforce concepts, and sharing time helps to create a community where literacy is embraced. Parent journals encourage reflection on the process of learning to read. Weekly letters home are filled with suggestions and follow-up activities, as well as explanations of the pedagogy.

How often does it meet?

Each author is studied for three or four weeks, one hour a week.

How large are the workshops?

Workshops work best with a maximum of ten children and ten parent/caregivers.

What authors do you study?

These workshops are created and taught by retired reading teacher and writer, Ellen Kahaner, who was an elementary school reading specialist  in Nassau County, Long Island, before moving to South Orange with her husband and four-year-old daughter. Ellen can be reached at