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José Saramago

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Friday, October 27th

No debe ser marinero

No debe ser marinero
quien quiere dejar rastro.
La estela de la barca
se ensancha y despacio
desaparece. Sin hacer ruido
golpea el remo
otra vez contra el agua.

posted evening of October 27th: 8 responses
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Pine branches

Pine branches like spokes
on a rimless wheel


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Tuesday, October 10th

Deep blues, and reds,
And pastel shades of gray and tan
Are the colours that line Meeker Street

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Monday, September 25th

Flesh and bones

Flesh and bones, I wear you like an overcoat.
Flesh and bones, you carry me around
like a favorite toy.

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Tuesday, July 25th

The cool, heavy sun is mute: Apollo's
giddy, radiant youth
now past and gone.

The sky is cloudy. Daisy's
nervous growl
reminds you
you need to be somewhere
in an hour or two,
reminds you
it's Sunday.

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Wednesday, July 19th

Myriad the threads of sound, distinct, which woven together undergird
the forest's deep, majestic Silence-- the wind, the trickling water,
birds... distant traffic... angry fat guy yelling at his girlfriend on the

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Monday, July 10th


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Saturday, July 8th

#arspoetica #analogiesfortime

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Saturday, June 24th

Boolean intimacy/ cold equations/ of true love and betrayal, heartbreak/ and satisfaction

posted morning of June 24th: Respond

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