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Greetings! (July 15, 2007)


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So man became, by way of his passage through the cave, the dreaming animal.

Hans Blumenberg

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Electric Ragtime #3

posted yesterday morning: 2 responses
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Play slowly til you catch the swing

posted yesterday morning: Respond
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the repetitive nonverbal dialogue of crickets and birds. Pradeep pradeep!

posted Thursday evening: Respond
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Sunday, July 19th

Finger picking with your wrist

It is a mistake when finger picking to hold your right wrist in place relative to the strings. When you do that -- I have even gone as far as to hold my forearm against the face of the guitar to anchor my wrist -- all of the force for your fingers and thumb striking the strings will come from the muscles of your palm and fingers. If instead you incorporate motion of your wrist and forearm, you will bring the muscles of your arm into play -- and simultaneously bring into play the mass of your hand and wrist, increasing the momentum of the picking digit. All this translates into speed and power. The trade-off at first is your playing can get sloppy, you will need time to adjust and relearn the muscle memory of the strings' positions. But that does come with time.

posted afternoon of July 19th: Respond
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Saturday, July 18th

Dancing Barefoot (solo)

posted evening of July 18th: 1 response

Wednesday, July 8th


posted evening of July 8th: 1 response
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Escher animated

posted evening of July 8th: 1 response
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Sunday, June 28th

Going for a ride

and loving it!

posted afternoon of June 28th: Respond
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Saturday, June 27th

El Aleph de Katchadjian

Not totally sure what to make of this yet... It is at the very least a fascinating idea for a project...

posted morning of June 27th: Respond
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Tuesday, June 23rd

Ceres awakens from her slumbers

(via Orbis Quintus)

posted evening of June 23rd: Respond

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