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If you take away from our reality the symbolic fictions which regulate it, you lose reality itself.

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Sunday, June 22nd


The latest desktop wallpaper chez READIN:

posted afternoon of June 22nd: 1 response
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Saturday, May 31st

far out!

posted afternoon of May 31st: Respond

Saturday, March 29th


Not disappointed exactly but a bit surprised that OK Go is not connected to this video...

posted morning of March 29th: Respond

Saturday, March 15th

Pink Flamingos

posted evening of March 15th: Respond

Thursday, March 6th


posted evening of March 6th: Respond
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Sunday, March second

Zero Mostel reads a book

posted evening of March second: Respond
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Visions of Johanna

Best picture of Robyn Hitchcock I was able to get this weekend (and looks like tomorrow's show is going to be snowed out) is this, during the encores last night:

posted morning of March second: 1 response
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Monday, February 24th

posted evening of February 24th: Respond
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Monday, February 17th

posted morning of February 17th: Respond

Thursday, February 6th

The Disintegration of the Persistence of EXTERMINATE

posted evening of February 6th: Respond

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