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If you take away from our reality the symbolic fictions which regulate it, you lose reality itself.

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Wednesday, July 8th


posted evening of July 8th: 3 responses

Escher animated

(plus look!)

posted evening of July 8th: 2 responses
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Tuesday, June 23rd

Ceres awakens from her slumbers

(via Orbis Quintus)

posted evening of June 23rd: Respond

Wednesday, February 18th

The Tortex(tm) Talon

...In use!

posted evening of February 18th: Respond
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Sunday, February 15th


posted morning of February 15th: 2 responses

Saturday, February 7th


Wow! I must say I'm enjoying playing with the new picks I recently acquired! It is opening up a whole new sort of relationship with the guitar for me. Some songs and attempts at songs that I've been recording with these new plectra, are at my Soundcloud stream. Look!:

posted evening of February 7th: Respond
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Sunday, January 11th

Guía de Perplejos, pasajes

posted morning of January 11th: Respond
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Saturday, October 18th, 2014

Eaten by his own dinner

L'ortolano, o Ortaggi in una ciotola by Giuseppe Arcimboldo. Mouseover to see it upside-down!

posted evening of October 18th, 2014: 1 response

Sunday, June 22nd, 2014


The latest desktop wallpaper chez READIN:

posted afternoon of June 22nd, 2014: 1 response
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Saturday, May 31st, 2014

far out!

posted afternoon of May 31st, 2014: Respond

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